Meet Louisa – the autodidact with a paintbrush, a camera, and a dash of medical know-how. Born in the UK, seasoned by the Swiss Alps and Dutch polders, and currently pursuing an MSc in medicine in the Netherlands. Louisa practically emerged from the cradle with a paintbrush glued to her hand, seamlessly transitioning to wielding a camera sometime after. What began as innocent video montages morphed into a semi-professional affair with filmmaking and photography across every conceivable genre. Seriously, if there's a creative task at hand, Louisa has either conquered it or it's next on her hit list. 
Inspiration? It springs from the majestic Alps, multicultural friendships, spaghetti, and dumplings… a broad pool. Juggling medical texts with artistic pursuits, Louisa isn't claiming mastery in anything but is certainly the Picasso of trying new things. Here's to turning the ordinary into extraordinary, one project at a time.
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